Soft Wash House Washing vs Pressure Washing in Shreveport, La – Pro Wash LLC

When most people think of having the exterior of their home cleaned they think of pressure or “power” washing. Using high pressure to wash the exterior of your home is outdated and unprofessional! Listed below are a few reasons why high pressure is not as safe, thorough, and effective as Soft Washing.

*Forces water under siding, in weep holes, and under shingles.

*High pressure can remove paint and oxidation, leaving an uneven streaky surface when done.

*Does not eliminate and kill the growth such as algae, mildew, and mold! (it may look gone, but its not!)

*High pressure can damage the facing of brick and concrete if not used correctly.

*High pressure is dangerous for the operator, especially matures with store bought units and on ladders.

*High pressure can easily break windows and force water between door and window seals.

*Pressure washing a house is very inefficient and take 4-5 times as long as soft washing (and with far     less impressive results! Who wants that!

Soft Washing has been used on many homes and has been around for years! It is far superior to pressure washing and is the only cleaning method approved by roof manufacturers (ARMA). Soft Washing uses gentle detergents to safely kill mildew, algae, and mold while lifting dirt and stains from the surface of your home.

*Biodegradable soaps and solutions.

*Will not force water under your home’s siding, in doors / windows and under shingles.

*Does not remove paint and oxidation. No more Streak from pressure washers!

*Soft washing cleans windows to almost perfections, Power washing does not…………..AT ALL!

*Pro Wash LLC knows which soaps will break down which stains.

*Very efficient! We can be out of your hair in usually a couple of hours, depending of the size of the job!

*Less than 1000 PSI.

*The most common and excepted method by PROFESSIONAL house washing companies!

*Pro Wash LLC can Soft Wash usually from the ground, we will not be dragging unnecessary ladders around your home.

With all this being said, Pro Wash LLC and other professional home washing companies carry millions of dollars in insurance, are licensed by the state, Experienced, and show up with 1000s of dollars of expensive professional equipment (not a 300$ home store pressure washer)! We run our own water hoses and will not disturb yours.

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