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Shreveport House “Pressure” Washing Company – Pro Wash LLC

Thinking about pressure washing your home’s siding? You may want to reconsider. High pressure is damaging to exterior siding. It not only can remove paint and chunks of the siding itself, but it can also force water behind siding, under window/door seals, and roof shingles. Not to mention it can force water in attack vents […]

Professional Window Cleaning Giveaway in Shreveport!

Do you know a sweet lady who could not normally afford professional window cleaning? Window cleaning can be very very tedious and exausting. It can also be dangerous cleaning some higher windows. News paper, slopping water buckets, vinegar, and hours worth of hard work to be disappointed with the outcome! Professional window cleaners use scrub […]

Pro Wash LLC – Commercial Pressure “Power” Washing in Shreveport, La

Pro Wash LLC is a licensed and insured Commercial Exterior Cleaning company serving the Shreveport Bossier City areas. Pro Wash LLCs clients include – gas stations, resturants, multi unit buildings, apartment complexes, fast food resturaunts, banks, car dealerships, construction companies, department stores, gyms, and many other commercial properties. Here’s a small sample of some of […]

Soft Wash House Washing vs Pressure Washing in Shreveport, La – Pro Wash LLC

When most people think of having the exterior of their home cleaned they think of pressure or “power” washing. Using high pressure to wash the exterior of your home is outdated and unprofessional! Listed below are a few reasons why high pressure is not as safe, thorough, and effective as Soft Washing. *Forces water under […]

Pro Wash LLC – About Us- Also why and what we will blog about!

I’ll try to keep this short and simple! Pro Wash LLC is an Exterior Cleaning company located in Haughton, Louisiana. Pro Wash LLC serves the Shreveport Bossier City and Surrounding areas as well as parts of Southern Arkansas and East Texas. Pressure Washing, Roof Cleaning, Concrete Cleaning, Window Cleaning, House Washing, Soft Wash Low Pressure […]